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Exclusive Retreats Specializing in
Customized Personal Self-Care 

“Everyone deserves a positive alignment from a challenging situation.”

~Dr. Lee Medina, DOM, CFMP

Are you ready to learn how to reach your full potential?  

Are you ready to harness your inner power?

Join Dr. Lee Medina, medicine woman, healer, DOM, for this exclusive three-day retreat.  This retreat is designed to focus on your goals and harness your strengths.  Haven’t you always wanted to have the undivided attention of an experienced energy healer / medical intuitive to help you explore your possibilities?  This is your opportunity!

Learn What Self-Care Means

Many of us have been taught that self-care is selfish. Together, we will learn techniques of self-care and introspection that will strengthen and empower you. You will learn how to harness your energy and inner power. Strengthening yourself will help you become a better partner, friend, parent, professional. 

Understanding Your True Purpose

We will work together to understand how past experiences have affected your current life. Learning how to balance your emotions, enhance your strengths and commit to your goals will improve your qaulity of life. You will learn techniques to support your daily activities, manage stress and maximize your effectiveness.

Why Dr. Lee?

Dr. Lee listens to your story.  She has the knowledge of both eastern and western medicine and uses scientific methods to guide energetic healing practices. 


Integrative medicine merges the methods and practices of traditional and modern medicine.


This powerful combination benefits the whole body and is the foundation of a holistic treatment approach. Dr. Lee will use your current medical lab reports or order new ones, to gain an understanding of your current state of health and identify areas of focus.


Call 505-218-5500
to book a retreat

Join Dr. Lee for an all-inclusive, personalized,
and private wellness retreat.

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