What is Functional Medicine?


Functional medicine focuses on the ROOT CAUSE of a condition

Why do you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol - is it because you are deficient in a certain mineral? Is it genetics? Do you have a stressful lifestyle or is your diet the culprit?


Think about your emotional states as well - do you find that you get frustrated easily? 


Many factors affect your health – functional medicine focuses on finding the root cause of your illness, not just treating the symptoms.

Dr. Lee uses advanced testing and body relaxation techniques

The functional medicine approach seeks to understand how your body is functioning as a system, internally and externally. Diagnostic testing is used to help understand the root causes of illness and chronic conditions.


Possible tests can include understanding your genetics, hormones, nutrients, inflammation markers and more as part of a workup. 


Together, you and Dr. Lee will work on balancing your body.   Body relaxation techniques can include medical massage and acupuncture which helps your body to heal.


Dr. Lee develops a holistic and

personalized plan

Your treatment plan can include specific nutrition protocols, lifestyle changes, positive stress reduction practices (like meditation, medical massage and acupuncture), exercise recommendations and professional-grade supplements where necessary. 


When indicated, referrals to specialists are provided.


Functional nutrition is critical part of your plan

Functional nutrition goes above and beyond diet. Every aspect of functional nutrition helps to balance and keep the body running at its optimal health. Dr. Lee uses food and nutrition as a way to heal - not prescription medications. Additionally, Dr. Lee will assist you with meal planning, shopping lists and staying on track with your goals. 


Listening to YOUR story

It is a common frustration that most MDs (medical doctors), PAs (Physician assistants), and NPs (Nurse practitioners) have a limited amount of time to spend with their patients. Typically 15-30 minutes is all that is allowed to discuss to your concerns. How are you able to heal a patient in a 15 minute session? Are you aware that your life experiences have a lot to do with your illness?

From your initial consultation to follow-up appointments, Dr. Lee will listen to you and support your journey to health and wellness. The stories and experience of our life create our reality. No one “wants” to be sick; there are connections between how we heal and how we think, feel, eat and live. Creating a mindset, or what she calls “Empowered Believing”, has helped her patients feel better, think more positively and make better life decisions.